Buonconvento truly lives up to its name derived from the Latin ‘bonus conventus’ meaning ‘happy, fortunate community’

Located at the confluence of the Arbia and Ombrone rivers, on the strategically important Via Francigena and surrounded by rich fertile plains, Buonconvento has for centuries welcomed visitors en route to Rome, as it continues to do so today. Yet unlike some of its more well-known neighbours, the town still remains very much a place where Italians from across the Val d’Arbia live, shop, eat and congregate for the evening passeggiata and an aperitivo.
With a small medieval walled centro storico dating from the twelfth century, Buonconvento is recognized as ‘one of the most beautiful villages in Italy’, I BORGHI PIU BELLI D’ITALIA.
The main street is lined with historic palazzi and Buonconvento also plays host to two museums, including the Sacred Art Museum exhibiting significant religious paintings from churches across the area.
In Buonconvento guests will find shops selling local produce including an excellent butcher and a bakery; a supermarket and numerous bars and restaurants.
From the train station just two minutes walk from the centre, you can take the train to Siena and Florence. Venturing out from Buonconvento, which is situated in the region known as the Crete Senesi (literally Sienese clays) noted for its dramatic landscape, you can visit numerous historical small towns and villages all within a 15-20 minute drive.